JARO FINE ARTS, established in 1975 has maintained a gallery on Madison Avenue for the last 25 years. We have been a leading fine arts gallery, featuring internationally known Nave (primitive) artists (American and Croatian), American Impressionist, American Realists and Modern artists as well.


SPECIAL FEATURE:  Original Oil Painting by MARTIN BARR, American Realist


MARTIN BARR, original oil painting on board, 24" Diameter                                           $ 5,900.00


Any item on this website can be purchased and paid for with PAY PAL, pay to: JAROARTS@AOL.COM




Anthony Gray
World renowned English Artist 
First  Internet 
One-Man Show


Bill Bell
The First Internet
One-Man Show



American Naives: Bill Bell, Robert LoGrippo and others |
| Croatian Naives: Ivan Rabuzin,
Mijo Kovacic, Milan Generalic, Ivan Vecenaj, St. Ivanec and many others |
| American Impressionists:
Gale Turnbull, Who worked in France in the early part of the 20th century and whose works are in the permanent collection of the BROOKLYN MUSEUM OF ART.  M.E. Silkotch paintings are included in the permanent collection of several N.J. Museums |
American Artist, NON-OBJECTIVE ART: Rolph Scarlett
| American Realist: Martin Barr, featuring exquisitely detailed paintings of American barns and farm scenes |
| Modern, English: Anthony Gray, We are very proud to represent this world renowned English artist, exclusively at .Jaro Fine Arts. His very original and unique works are included in many private and international corporations' collections.|


Limited Edition signed Prints and Fine Art Prints are offered
from many of our exclusive artists in a variety of subjects

| Serigraphs Signed, Limited Edition |
| Lithographs Signed, Limited Edition |
| Andy Warhol |

Fine Art Glass section features: glass sculptures, paperweights,
Pertshire collection and perfume bottles.

| Sculptures and Vases |
| Paperweights |
| Josh Simpson, Selkirk - Peter Holmes |
| Perfume Bottles |
| Pertshire P/W Collection |


Corporate Art Consulting

Jarofinearts.com is offering an art consulting service to international corporations interested in acquiring the finest quality art for their collections. Please feel free to contact JARO to arrange a personal consultation and advice. Any fees applicable will be discussed at that time.

Auction House Buying Service

We offer our exclusive AUCTION HOUSE BUYING SERVICE, to serious national and international collectors, to protect their identity to the Art World. We guarantee absolute confidentiality and anonymity.
JARO himself, with 35 years Art experience, will attend and personally bid on your behalf at all major Art Auctions. The commission fee will be arranged according to the selling price of each Art object. Please, feel free to E-mail us with any questions you might have, pertaining to this exclusive service.

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